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"People. The most important resource of any organisation. A cliché perhaps, but one we believe in passionately."

So, recruitment matters, and we think you should entrust your recruitment to a company that can find the right people for your business, on time, and within budget.

We work how you want us to work, and in our experience clients have a preferred way of working when it comes to their recruitment. Rather than shoe-horn you in to a recruitment process dictated by us, we take an agile approach and mirror the way we work to your requirements. Ideally, you will eventually just come to think of us as part of your own recruitment function, a trusted, dependable, recruitment partner.

If you haven't worked with us before then why not try us? You will have nothing to lose and plenty to gain by using us as your recruitment partner. We are happy to prove ourselves by concentrating on vacancies where your current PSL has failed to deliver. We like a challenge.

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Executive Search & Selection

Senior appointments - appointments above c. £70,000 p.a. - often need to be approached in a different way from other day-to-day recruitment. Whether the right solution is full-on executive search or a comprehensive advertising campaign and subsequent candidate selection we can help.


Recruitment Advertising

We can secure substantial discounts on advertising space from many respected industry publications and on-line media and pass on these discounts to you as part of a complete structured recruitment campaign. We can manage your advertising campaign completely, starting with copy writing and advertisement design, progressing through to candidate response-handling, selection and short-listing, and finishing with successful negotiation, offer  and placement.


Nominated Worker Onboarding and Compliance

We help "Nominated Workers" (i.e. contractors referred to us who are seeking to work with some of our clients) with the onboarding and compliance they need to complete in order to start work as quickly and painlessly as possible.



Outplacement does not always have to be as bad as it is for the people affected, and we can help them make the transition from one career to another as painless as possible. Taking a sympathetic approach, services include helping with CV and interview preparation and setting realistic expectations for the people affected.


Agency Management

We have experience of managing long-term recruitment campaigns, including on-site work and agency management. If required, this can be provided in conjunction with management of your recruitment advertising.


Salary / Contract Rate Surveys

We are pleased to offer these free of charge. Long-term clients often rely on our input when considering new contract and/or permanent recruitment in to an existing department, or when building a new department from scratch. This includes budgetary considerations and understanding the practicalities and possible difficulties of the recruitment you may be wishing to do. Competitive salaries and/or contract rates are essential to your recruitment planning if you need to ensure that suitable candidates are available when you need them.


Resource Planning and Management

We can help you to identify skill gaps and therefore contractor opportunities within your organisation. We can analyse the matrix of skills available in your company and projected future staffing and then identify where the use of contractors could be the most appropriate option given prevailing market conditions and your short, mid and long-term needs. There are some skills for which permanent staff will be hard to find and where good candidates would only consider working on a contract basis. We can therefore help with resource planning and management. Our salary and rate surveys can also be helpful in this respect.


Job Profiling and Psychometric Testing

We offer psychometric testing. However, we do not recommend using this prior to candidate interview. Also, the most effective use of psychometric testing occurs when used in conjunction with job profiling. Whether undertaking contract or permanent recruitment, we can profile your vacancies and then match psychometric test results to provide an additional level of candidate screening.





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