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FAQs | Nationwide People

I am a working contractor, when do I get paid?

Cleared funds will be deposited in your limited company bank account on a Thursday. It may be that your umbrella accountancy firm pays you after they are in receipt of funds and you need to be mindful of that. If you start work on a Monday the first cleared funds will be received 14 working days later. Subsequently funds will be sent weekly or monthly according to your payment schedule.

I am a working contractor, when do I need to send you a timesheet and invoice?

To be paid on time it is essential that you send us an APPROVED timesheet and corresponding invoice by midday Tuesday following the week just worked, even if you are paid monthly. If we receive these items later than this we cannot guarantee payment according to our agreed schedule. If you are working through an accountancy umbrella firm please make sure they are aware of this.

I am a working contractor, what are the main reasons for non-payment on-time?

Simple, not providing an AUTHORISED timesheet (with corresponding invoice) in time to meet our processing deadline or by sending an invoice with incorrect bank account details attached or no bank details at all. It is important to give your client manager time to authorise your timesheet. We would suggest putting in a request for authorisation no later than just as you leave the office at the end of the week you have just worked. If you know your authoriser is absent (for whatever reason) please advise us of this in good time to find someone else to sign-off your timesheet for you.

I am a working contractor; I cannot submit a timesheet on-line. What can I do?

There are a number of reasons this could be the case. Please contact the recruitment consultant who helped you originally and they will sort this out for you.

I am a candidate applying for a job; will you confirm receipt of my CV?

Unless we have a technical issue, you will receive a reply by email confirming that we have received your CV. This does not mean your CV has been sent to a client. We do not send unsolicited CVs to clients and would always talk to you before submitting your CV for a role. We cannot talk to every candidate applying for a position, but we will talk to you before submitting your CV for a position.

I am a candidate applying for a particular job; why has Nationwide People asked me to confirm in writing that they are representing me?

It is common, particularly with larger clients, that they operate a preferred supplier list. This is a list of recruiters (like us) they will deal with. Often clients work on a first-come-first-served basis and some recruitment companies will send CVs to clients without talking to the candidates first. We do not do that. We will talk to you about a particular opportunity and given your permission, make an application on your behalf. We need to make sure you confirm this so that when we submit your CV we can prove this representation to the client. You should note, where clients ask for such proof they will often reject candidates simply because a CV has been supplied more than once for a particular role. So, it is best to be careful when dealing with recruitment firms that you know what you are applying for and where your CV is being sent.

I am a candidate offered a job; why are you asking to see my passport, etc.?

We have to complete 'compliancy' work on behalf of our clients. It does not matter if you are starting a new permanent position or a contract assignment; we need to see proof of your identity and proof of your address. We will also ask for recent professional references. We may also need to check your Visa status or request additional information to prove your right to working the UK. We can only accept original documents and will return these to you "by return of post", by tracked mail. Alternatively, you can visit us and do this personally. We will be pleased to see you.

I am a client seeking to recruit, what are your Terms of Business?

We have standard Terms of Business for both contract and permanent business that we are happy to send you. These are written according to the good practices and legislation requirements outlined by our governing body, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). Our Standard Terms of Business change from time-to-time in-line with current legislation, market demands and other circumstances, so these will not be found on this web site. Please request an up-to-date copy here. It is quite likely you will want to discuss items such as our fees, rebate periods, contract clauses, and so on, and we are happy to do this.

I am a client; I cannot authorise a timesheet on-line. What can I do?

There are a number of reasons this could be the case. Please contact the recruitment consultant who helped you originally and they will sort this out for you.

I am a client; my regular Nationwide People recruitment consultant is absent. Who can I contact for help?

We offer you a single point of contact and a named backup consultant. If your main contact is absent, please try to contact your backup consultant in the first instance.

Failing that, please call our main office number 01491 842 280 and ask for help. Someone will be able to help you.

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