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Interview Techniques | Nationwide People

At Nationwide People, we believe that 1st impressions are key; be sure to make a positive impact at every interview stage. Being 'prepared' as best as you can be, will help you through your interview process.


Do Your Research

Before any interview, please allow some research time so you can fully understand what the company does. Understand who they are, what they do and who they compete with in the market.

Know Your Role

You can be sure that any one of our Recruitment Consultants will give you as much detail as possible about the opportunity we have available for you. However, it is always best practise for you to take notes on our discussions as well as thoroughly read over the job description (verbal or written) and the advertisement you applied for.



At The Interview

Be sure to attend your meeting early and give yourself plenty of time to arrive on time. Turning up late may cause you to be anxious and stressed, which are negative signs and do not help.

Turn your mobile phone OFF.

Whilst talking to the interviewer, please ensure you speak clearly, concisely and with conviction. Be 'yourself', relaxed, passionate, honest and try to enjoy your time there. Try to avoid confrontational discussions, such as negative reasons for leaving your current position, for example.

Please wear appropriate clothing depending on the company you are visiting. Best practise is always look 'smart / casual', do ask any of our Recruitment Consultants for more information about this. You can always 'dress down' in-line with the people you met once you have secured your new job.

For telephone screenings, please ensure you can speak clearly without any background noise or distraction. If using a mobile phone, make sure you have a good signal and that your battery is charged, so you will not be cut off.

Take any documents with you required for compliance purposes. For example, passport, copies of utility bills. Some clients will not let you on-site without confirmation of your identity and proof of address.